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Are Online Insurance Quotes Accurate?

Getting an online insurance quote is a convenient option that allows you to compare numbers across companies. Online insurance quotes are surprisingly accurate, but the information entered into the questionnaire must be honest, up to date and complete.


If you simply fill out a form while “winging it”, you will not be given an accurate quote. For example, if you were pulled over several years ago for speeding and you don’t report it, your final price will be affected. The insurance company will pull your driving record and find all infractions, so it’s best to report them upfront.


Tips for Getting the Most Accurate Quote


In order to get the most accurate insurance quotes, here are a few things to have on hand. You may not need all of them right away, but if you like what you see and want to proceed, you will need the additional info.


  • Declaration page from your current insurance company. This way, you can compare apples to apples and ensure that you are getting the same coverage as you are now.


  • VIN numbers of your vehicles. Not all insurance quotes require VIN numbers upfront, but they will request them if you choose to purchase the insurance.


  • Driving record. Insurance companies vary on how far they go back into your driving history. Some minor infractions are only 2-3 years, while major infractions are 10 years. Report all infractions to get the most precise insurance quote.


  • Credit score. You won’t need your credit score when obtaining a quote, but your rating will affect the ultimate price. Some questionnaires do ask for a general idea of your credit - good, average, poor - and you will be surprised at how much of a difference this can make!


When it’s Best to Call an Agent


As long as you are honest in your questionnaire, you should get back a fairly accurate quote. That’s not to say that people haven’t been misquoted, but if this happens, you have the right to cancel your policy. However, there is no replacement to speaking with an actual human. You can ask questions, discuss various options and ensure that you are getting the best rates.


Also, if you have the following issues, it’s important to speak with an agent.


  • Major infraction. A DUI or death in an accident are major infractions. Speak with an insurance agent to get a more detailed quote. Major infractions can sometimes prevent you from getting insurance at all.


  • Poor credit rating. Because credit scores impact the final outcome of the price, it’s best to talk with an agent. You can get a better idea as to how your credit rating will affect your prices and what you can do to raise your score in the meantime.


If you are looking for car insurance, feel free to give Hal Soden a call. We think online quotes are great, but it’s helpful to speak with a trusted insurance agent who can give you a truly accurate quote and work through other issues you may be facing.