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What are the Benefits of Having a Local Agent?

With so many options to buy insurance online, people often forget the benefits in having a local agent. Getting your insurance through a local firm usually isn’t any more expensive, and it can be extremely helpful when you need an advocate on your side. Local agents are more likely to help you through claims, be available to answer questions and have a commitment to your best interests.


Let’s explore some of the key advantages to having a local insurance agent.


Set Up Your Insurance in Person


Your insurance provider will get to know everything about you. Where you live, how much your home is worth, the types of updates you’ve made. They will have a general idea of the types of valuables that are in your home and what they are insured for. If you're going to hand this information over to an agent, why not meet with someone in person that you can trust?


Having a local agent means that you can discuss your individual needs in a face-to-face manner. It’s reassuring to know that your agent has a name and face and that they are truly listening to your needs. And, if you ever need to stop by for a visit, you can!


Get Advice on Your Territory


Another advantage to working with a local insurance agent is that this individual is familiar with the area you live in. If you call an 800 number, you have no idea where the person is stationed. They may not be familiar with the climate in your area or the types of problems that can affect your home insurance (i.e., flood, high winds). Additionally, local agents can give you extremely specific information, such as where to park your car to lower the risk of theft and save money.


Enjoy Immediate Service


If a tree falls on your home during a storm, it’s nice to have someone come out and assess the damage right away. If your vehicle was in an accident, it’s helpful to have an agent who knows the area where the accident occurred. Better yet, you don’t have to wait on hold and be directed to a call center. You can get immediate attention and service from a person who’s just a few miles away.


Whether you get insurance from a local agent or a larger company, the most important thing is that you are properly insured. However, we hope that you we have encouraged you to consider a local agent because of the added perks you can receive for your home and auto needs.