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Why You Should Consider Sump Pump Coverage for Your Basement

If there’s one thing that this winter has reminded New Jersey residents, it’s that you can’t trust the weather from day to day. Even though a mild winter was predicted, constant snow and cold temperatures have created a host of problems for residents, including foundation problems and water seepage. Now that the snow is melting, these issues are heightened. Many homeowners rely on their sump pumps to handle the potential damage. But what happens when this isn’t enough?


Flood Insurance


If you are one of the lucky homeowners who has chosen flood insurance, give yourself a pat on the back for being proactive. Flood insurance is recommended for many homes, not just those that are located on a flood plain. The hiccup is that a flood insurance policy will not cover damage caused by groundwater that seeps through sump pumps and drains.


Sump Pump Failure Coverage


Since sump pumps can only be depended on so much, insurance companies began writing sump pump failure insurance coverage for those times when the sump pump fails. When choosing a homeowner’s policy, homeowners can purchase this additional coverage if they worry about water damage in the basement.


Sump pump coverage is offered in the form of an endorsement that is attached to a standard homeowner’s policy. Most insurance companies offer a limit of $5,000 to $10,000, but some will go up to the dwelling limit on the home, which is beneficial for large homes with finished basements. Premiums are affordable and will replace or repair things that were damaged from sump pump failure.


Backup Batteries and Generators


Just because you have this endorsement doesn’t mean that it should be your sole level of protection. Submitting an insurance claim for sump pump failure means that you will need to prove that the sump pump actually failed rather than became clogged or backed up because you didn’t maintain it properly. In addition to properly maintaining your sump pump, you should also buy a backup generator or battery in case your sump pump fails. A generator is the better option since batteries only work for so long, but having at least one of these can avoid you from having to make a sump pump failure claim altogether.